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Harris P7300 Lithium Polymer (Li-Po, Li-Poly) Battery - 3300mAh

Item Code: R-4064-33LP * Fits: Harris P7300

Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Po, Li-Poly) Battery For Harris P7300 Portable Two-Way Radio.

18 Mo For Defect, 80% Capacity & Damage Through Normal Use
Sonically Sealed Polycarbonate
Ultra High Capacity Lithium-Ion Polymer

TAC 1 Systems is proud to introduce our new Lithium-Ion Polymer battery for the Harris P7300 , portable radio.
For many years, battery run time has been a chief complaint of Harris P7300 users. Due to the physical size limitations of the battery, Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries were the highest capacity batteries available for many years. For users working extended hours, longer shifts or transmitting more than average, a second fully charged battery had often been a necessity to carry them through their day. Those days are over! Our new Lithium Ion Polymer battery utilizes 3300mAh cells to deliver extended runtime for those who need it most.
TAC 1 Systems Li-Po Batteries & Compatible Chargers Offer The Following Benefits

• Longer Run Times
Li-Po cells have double the energy density of Nickel cells and 20% greater energy density than Li-Ion cells by weight and volume.
• Care & Maintenance Free
Unlike nickel based batteries, Li-Po batteries do not need to be fully discharged before charging and do not suffer from "Memory Effect" or "Self Discharge" and never need to be reconditioned.
• Chargers Offer Forward and Backward Compatibility
Our Quad-Chemistry charger will charge Nickel (Ni-Cd & Ni-MH) as well as lithium based (Li-Ion & Li-Po) based batteries.
• Non-Proprietary Design Keeps Your Options Open
Some manufacturers build their Li-Po batteries and chargers to be proprietary in nature. Our batteries will charge in many later model OEM chargers.
Additionally, our Quad-Chem chargers will work with batteries from all manufacturers, regardless of cell chemistry.
    TAC 1 Systems carries an extensive line of standard and high capacity batteries, chargers, audio accessories, antennas and carrying options for the Harris P7300 portable radio as well as most other current production and discontinued/legacy two-way radio models. If you don't see or can't find a battery or accessory for your model of radio, please call us. Chances are we have it or can help you find it.


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